The Way Back (Japanese Ver.) cover
Released October 02, 2015
Length 03:05
Always coming back single cover
From 「The Way Back –Japanese Ver.-」

「The Way Back –Japanese Ver.-」 is a digital single released by ONE OK ROCK on October 02, 2015. It was released digitally on iTunes Japan. The song The Way Back is also a track in their album 35xxxv Deluxe Edition but it was written in full English.

Background Edit

The song is about a lover who reveals their true colors, and those colors are not pretty because they never cared about their partner. They only care about themselves. This person thinks he/she can see who their lovers are but really they don't. The other person responds by saying they will no longer help him/her when they are at their lowest.

Music video Edit

The music video for the Japanese version was released on October 5, 2015. However, no music video for the English version was made.

Synopsis Edit

The music video takes place in a huge auditorium for the band and the unnamed man. Throughout the video, masked people are seen dancing, making it the first ONE OK ROCK music video to feature choreography.

Plot Edit

The video opens with lights being switched on and revealing the band. Taka (in a "T" stance) and Ryota are standing still, Toru plays the opening riff on the right, while Tomo plays the drums at the back. The video then cuts to a crumbled meteorite-like object floating in the sky with a man dressed in a white shirt staring at it. He then looks away and starts walking to his left while looking depressed. As he walks around, he sees a body lying on the ground. Somewhere else, another version of him (possibly his clone or doppelganger) is being tied to a chair in the middle of a dark room and tortured by masked people.

His clone was smeared with war paint on his left cheek. When this happened, the other felt the war paint on his left cheek too, because it was also smeared on him. He suddenly stands still and as the camera zooms out, shadow people appeared and blocked his path from behind. The man then starts to freak out and starts running through the shadows. At the same time, the scene goes back to the band playing the instrumental bridge and Taka jumping around to it.

The scene switches back to the doppelganger, but this time, he was greeted by a blonde woman with a blindfold over her eyes and a knife behind her back. The woman approaches the man from behind and slides the weapon into his spine. After doing this, the man falls to the ground and bleeds (he also coughed out blood). The other man ran through two doors where it leads him to his doppelganger, already dead. He stares at the corpse with possibly anger or regret. The video ends with a close-up of his hand holding a knife.

Trivia Edit

  • For some reason, despite there being a Japanese version, it doesn't appear on the Japanese album.
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