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There is a quick translations from thesame:

  • Mori-san has good contact with all of his sons, they text each other often.
  • Taka always remembers what his father used to tell him as a child. When Taka spoke with his friends, sometimes they’d say similar things so Taka would tell his dad about it and that made him happy.
  • Taka was really good at imitating the way his dad sings, of course, that changed.
  • Mori-san went to see Taka’s concerts (Budoukan). It was interesting for him because in enka lives, they’re very formal but Taka would just yell “LET’S GO!”.
  • He says ONE OK ROCK is really amazing.
  • When Taka was little, he used to call Tetsuko (the host) as “NHK Granny (NHK no obachan~)”. (She’s always watching him!)
  • After the concert, he wanted to go backstage but instead he went home and texted Taka instead. The reply he got was “Thanks for today. I was raised by wonderful parents. I’m thankful to you.”
  • Mori-san feels that as a parent, it’s not good to push your feelings onto your child. Actually, he didn’t want his kids to go into entertainment because it was so difficult for himself. Taka decided that he wanted to go himself, and he worked really hard.
  • Since Taka is a vocalist, Mori-san gives him some advice. Although all 3 of his children love music, the 2nd son (Tomohiro) is a bit off from that. At the time, he was still in university and would search for employment a year later. (Tomo is currently works at TV Tokyo)
  • He says that the 1st son can do whatever he wants, without thinking. However, the 2nd one, even if he doesn’t feel like he’s the “2nd”, the thought still weighs on him.
  • He noticed this, when Taka would just jump over a box but Tomo just stood there. He thought Tomo wasn’t good with sports.
  • When it was someone’s birthday, they went to the department store together. He told them they could all pick something to buy. Taka picked up something he liked right away, while Tomo looked around and only brought something when dad said it was time to go. The item was 2000en. He’s a thoughtful child.
  • Tomo loved music, but he probably could go further than that.
  • The 3rd child, Hiroki, was still in his 3rd year of high school at the time.

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