ONE OK ROCK 2011-2012 "Zankyo Reference" TOUR (ONE OK ROCK 2011-2012“残響リファレンス”TOUR) is a ONE OK ROCK nationwide tour held on November 2011 and ended on January 2012. The tour includes 12 prefectures and 11 venues. The tour was started just a month after the released of their fifth full-length album Zankyo Reference.

List of VenuesEdit

ONE OK ROCK 2011-2012 "Zankyo Reference" TOUREdit

Date Venue Location
2012-01-22 Yokohama Arena Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
2012-01-21 Yokohama Arena Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
2011-12-14 Zepp Sendai Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
2011-12-12 Nigata Lots Nigata Prefecture, Japan
2011-12-11 Kanazawa EIGHT HALL Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
2011-12-09 Takamatsu Olive Hall Kagawa Prefecture, Japan
2011-12-04 Sakurazaka Central Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
2011-11-27 Zepp Sapporo Hokkaido, Japan
2011-11-21 Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
2011-11-20 Zepp Fukuoka Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
2011-11-16 Zepp Osaka Osaka prefecture, Japan
2011-11-15 Zepp Osaka Osaka prefecture, Japan
2011-11-09 Zepp Tokyo Tokyo, Japan
2011-11-08 Zepp Tokyo Tokyo, Japan
2011-11-05 Zepp Nagoya Aichi Prefecture, Japan
2011-11-04 Zepp Nagoya Aichi Prefecture, Japan


They played this setlist in Yokohama Arena, Kanagawa Prefecture. They only performed the song Yume Yume on January 22, 2012.[1][2]

  2. Kaimu (皆無)
  3. Mikansei Kyokyoukoku (未完成交響曲)
  4. Jibun Rock (じぶんROCK)
  5. Re:make
  6. Sekenshirazu no Uchuhikoshi (世間知らずの宇宙飛行士)
  7. Mr. Gendai Speaker (Mr.現代Speaker)
  8. Answer is Near (アンサイズニア)
  9. Kagerou (カゲロウ)
  10. Wherever You Are
  11. Et Cetera (エトセトラ)
  12. Karasu
  13. Pierce
  14. C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h.
  15. Liar
  16. Let's take it someday
  17. Rock, Scissor and Paper
  19. Koi no Aibou Kokoro no Cupid (恋ノアイボウ心ノクピド)
  20. Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer (完全感覚Dreamer)
  21. Nobody's Home


  1. Yume Yume (努努-ゆめゆめ) (In January 22, 2012 only)
  2. Kimishidai Ressha (キミシダイ列車)
  3. Naihi Shinsho (内秘心書)


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