On its 2007 debut for the Lifeforce label, the Orlando, Florida-based rock/alt-pop band Last Winter presents an assured set of impeccably arranged, guitar-driven tunes. Originally fronted by perpetually lovelorn vocalist Cameron Mizell before dismissing him for unforgivably betraying his bandmates then replacing him with Dempsey.  The band clearly took a cue from bands like Anberlin, 30 Seconds to Mars and early Smashing Pumpkins in channeling angst into catchy, pop-friendly songs, as evinced by the revved-up "Kiss So Hard" and the melancholy "Don't Forget to Write."  Personnel: Brian "Fro" Effron" ( lead guitar); Ian Dempsey (vocals); Josh Calapa (guitar); Chris Pock (drums); Mark "Bo" Bowermaster (Bass). Recording information: Chango Studios.

In interview with JaME World[1], Taka and Toru admitted that their music is influenced by Last Winter.


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