• ...that Tomoya isn't the first drummer of ONE OK ROCK. He joined ONE OK ROCK in 2007, after the previous drummer Tomo signed a retreat from this band.
  • ...that Taka had a band called Chivalry of Music before he joined ONE OK ROCK.
  • ...that unlike the other members, Toru Yamashita doesn't have a tattoo in his body.
  • ...that Rui Hashimoto is a photographer who helped ONE OK ROCK with their PRIMAL FOOTMARK.
  • ...that Taka's full name is Morita Takahiro, whom some may know as the "ninth-member-who-disappeared-like-Pluto" from the Johnny's Entertainment boyband NEWS. His family name was originally Moriuchi, but he had it legally changed after his parents' divorce.
  • ...that Kimishidai Ressha (キミシダイ列車) had been played live in 2009, there is a record titled with 'Untitled' released together with Around The World Shounen.
  • ...that To Feel The Fire is a cover song from Stevie Wonder.
  • ...that Toru's Gibson Les Paul Alpine White have been signed by Fall Out Boy and Avril Lavigne.
  • ...that Toru's favorite guitar is Gibson Les Paul.
  • ...that despite of his older face, Ryota is the youngest member of ONE OK ROCK.
  • ...that Tomoya is the most active writer in ONE OK ROCK Diary blog. Almost 90% diary entries were written by him.
  • ...that Tomoya is highly sensitive to tickles.
  • ...that Ryota is B blood type which makes him a careless person.
  • ...that Tomoya also has a great ability to focus. He would concentrate on playing drums during recording. When it’s done, he’d just sleep right there, or in anywhere else.
  • ...that Alex is UFO Maniac and believes that UFOs really exist.
  • ...that Toru loves younger girl. It’s not about the age but he loves a girl who looks young. Sounds funny but seems like he loves a girl without make-up more than a girl with make-up.
  • ...that Taka is skilled when he talks to a girl.
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