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Im vocalist Taka

Toru: Im guitarist Toru

Ryota: Im bassist Ryota

Tomoya: Im drummer Tomoya

You guys come to show your stage in this place first, right? umm…how do you know Mr. Endo?

Taka: We could know each other through devi lock night event. Then, he came to our work place and talked each other.

What!? Mr. Endo came suddenly?

Taka: Yes

Was he nuisance?

Taka: Nooooo

You guys didn't know when he came to your work place right?

Taka: but we are so glad to see him cuz he who is representative of this event came to see us in order to scout this event.

I have one more good news. This woman’s friends really love one ok rock too. Also, one ok rock is popular.

Taka: really? yeaaaaahhh

Why did Mr.Endo scout you guys?

Taka: i don't know

I guess Mr.Endo evaluate Taka’s English skill.

Woman: Yes!! Taka’s English pronunciation is good!!

Can you say “Hello”?

Taka: A. I cannot speak English. I have been abroad for short time.

What do you think about this event and feeling?

Taka: umm.. we want to achieve and do rock as young musician.

Do you guys have a rival in today?

Taka: Don't have rival, but our timeline is between Maximum the Hormone and Brahman. when i see it, i was so surprised. Do you guys are getting along with Mr.Endo?

Taka: hey you guys go to cafe with him?

Toru Tomoya Ryota: noo

Taka: I just went to have interview with him Are you guys getting along with each other?

Taka: Yea!!! of course!! I think we are getting along well in all of the band.

Do you want to see other bands show?

Taka: I wanna watch all of bands, but i really want to see “RIZE”. RIZE is how we all started band. Wooowooo. What do you think about RIZE?

Toru: Yeah. I really like because our band was influenced by that band.

Ryota: I like Hormon and RIZE as well

Tomoya: Mr.Namba is good. i started drum because of him. When I saw his act, I was excited.


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