Magazine CD DATA issue
Date November 2008
Translator Dessy

Credits for translation to Dessy[1]. Credits for the scans to shinigamitabris@livejournal.


Please tell me a person among member who’s the most sentimental/ easily moved to tears!

Taka (everyone’s answer): (while pointing)… that’s because, he almost cried right before live performance at SHIBUYA-AX.

Tomoya: (laughs) Taka: Well~…, somehow I felt deeply moved… 

What kind of food do you eat when you suddenly get hungry before performance?

Taka: Chicken! The chicken fat somehow feels good in throat.

Alex: I won’t eat anything. I can’t eat anything at all before show.

It seems that each of you guys are very different, so what’s about your girl’s type?

Taka: Any kind of girl is OK for me. I have big strike zone*, you know!

Tomoya: I love older woman. A big sis who likes to be pampered.

Alex: For me, Aya Hirano. Her voice is soft. If I said this, there would be a possibility of being able to meet her, right?

Ryota: Girl who looks good with black hair and pure/sincere, eeh…okay I’m gonna stop here (laughs)

Toru: Girl whom I got the chemistry with. Steadfast* girl is good. 

It will be “long autumn nights” soon…what will you guys do in the sleepless night? Answer

All: Masturbation 

Toru: You definitely should post this answer! Since it’s protruding*, right? OK then (laughs)


  1. People with big strike zone towards opposite sex are easy to find lover or life partner since they aren’t strict with type but also have flirtatious tendency and easily attracted to others even when they already got partner/spouse. 
  2. “shikkari shiteiru” also means brave/courageous, reliable and capable.
  3. “hamide-ta” (from hamideru) means “protruding/bulging” or “spilled out”… I think it has two meaning. First, because the information is kinda stand-out/protruding and second, Toru refers to that part of guy that can erect. what a hentai -_-”
  4. well, apologize for any kind of mistake ^^;


  1. Direct Hit for ONE OK ROCK by Dessy
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