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    February 23, 2014 by Black7spider


    Welcome to ONE OK ROCK Wiki :)

    I'm Vino. I'm the administrator of this wikia. Um.. Well, I don't deserve a great respect from other members. I'm just an ordinary ONE OK ROCK fan. I know ONE OK ROCK in the mid 2011, from my friend. At that time I listened to Never Let This Go. For me ONE OK ROCK is unique, my that friend said this is a Japanese band but will perfect pronunciation and their music just like Saosin. I agree, but I didn't pay too much to ONE OK ROCK.

    A year passed, my friends surround me fall in love to ONE OK ROCK. When I went to their home, they were listening to OOR. When we hang out, my friend played OOR to the car stereo. Finally in the mid of 2012 I listened to OOR.... and, BOOM! I can't help myself. lol.

    Thank you for…

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