Beam of Light (cover)
Released May 28, 2008
Length 26:12
Producers -
Label AmuseA-Sketch
Zeitakubyou (cover)
Beam of Light (cover)
Kanjou Effect (cover)

BEAM OF LIGHT is the second studio album released by ONE OK ROCK. The album reached #17 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for four weeks. Taka said in one of interview that this album is an experimental for them. In fact since 2010 they never played any songs from this album live. Beam of Light doesn't have any single released, however only in six months a new album, Kanjou Effects (album) was released.

Background and Development Edit

They created this album just a year after they released the Zeitakubyou. They didn't created any Singles before they released this album. When they made the album, they hadn't been in the right mood, but felt that they had to make it to grow as a band. The band came up with many sound sources and ended up making a punk album.

They released their the second album Beam of Light in May 2008. In an interview with Rockin'On Magazine in June 2012, ONE OK ROCK said they didn't count this album as an album, but rather as a part of growing up as a band. The album's confused origins were the reason why they wouldn't play any songs from Beam of Light in live performances until now. Shortly after releasing Beam of Light, they performed a gig at Shibuya AX.

They had planned to release two albums in that one year, so they released Kanjou Effects in November 2008. At this point the band had gained more experience and were able to do some more serious recording. They settled into the western sound they loved and followed by replacing all their engineers and introducing their music to new producers. This led to some division within the band - Taka and Alex in particular disagreed about how to make this album.

Track list Edit

No. Title Length
1. Hitsuzen Maker (必然メーカー) 3:30
2. Melody Line no Shibourits" (Melody Lineの死亡率) 3:44
3. 100%(hundred percent) 3:06
4.  Abduction-Interlude 1:45
5. San-san Dama (燦さん星) 3:58
6. Koubou (光芒) 3:28
7. Crazy Botch 3:58
8. Yap 2:47