Personal Info
Name (Kanji) 鬼澤アレクサンダー
Name (Romaji) Alexander Onizawa
Born March 1, 1988
Birth place San Francisco, USA
Bold type B
Height 180 cm
Weight 62 kg

Alexander Onizawa(鬼澤アレクサンダー) is a model, actor and former guitarrist of the Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK. In April of 2009, Alex was arrested after touching the leg of a female prep school student, which was the reason for his leave in the band. 


  • Name: Alexander Onizawa (鬼澤アレクサンダー)
  • Birthday: March 19th, 1988
  • Birthplace: San Francisco, United States
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 180cm
  • Weight: 62kg
  • Shoe Size: 27 cm
  • Measurements: 90 - 70 - 92 cm


Alex was born on March 19, 1988 in San Francisco. He was a born - male fashion model, actor and musician. He was the guitarist of the group alongside with Toru, until he left in May 13, 2009 after being arrested on charges of groping. He is also a former member of the good-looking actor group, GUY-Z. His previous stage name was "Mamoru Shiyou Alec". In the summer of 2005, Alex started ONE OK ROCK alongside his high school friends Toru and Ryota, after each of them got their musical instruments. In April of 2009, Alex was arrested for sexual harassment. Onizawa was riding a train in Kawasaki, around 8 a.m., where he touched the leg of a 21 year-old female prep school student. This incident caused the cancelation of the ONE OK ROCK single, "Around the world Shounen", which was scheduled to be released on May 6th. The song was also supposed to be the theme song for the TBS drama Godhand Teru, but the song was replaced. The band had also canceled their then upcoming nationwide tour. On May 15th, ONE OK ROCK announced on its official website that Alex had left the band, making it a four-piece group.

Singlels Practised inEdit


  • [2007.04.25] Naihi Shinsho (内秘心書; I Keep It Inside)
  • [2007.07.25] Yume Yume (努努-ゆめゆめ-; Dream Dream)
  • [2007.10.24] Etcetera (エトセトラ)



  • [2005] Aishiteyo 

Commercials / Advertisements

  • [2000] Ayumi Hamasaki CONCERT TOUR 2000
  • [20??] KOSE "Salone Style"
  • [20??] Levi's
  • [20??] Lumine
  • [20??] NTT DoCoMo
  • [20??] HUGO BOSS
  • [20??] Agnes b.


  • [20??] MEN'S NON-NO
  • [20??] MR. High Fashion
  • [20??] POPEYE
  • [20??] FINEBOYS
  • [20??] Boon 

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