April 1Edit

Vans Warped Tour 2014: Kick-off PartyEdit

Main article: Vans Warped Tour 2014: Kick-off Party

ONE OK ROCK played a gig in Nokia Club, LA, United States as Vans Warped Tour 2014: Kick-off Party line-up.


ONE OK ROCK got interviews from Burning Stars and

April 3Edit

FOOL COOL ROCK Website UpdatedEdit

Introduction and Profile & Comment section has been added to the website, including many photos from previous WHO ARE YOU?? WHO ARE WE?? tour.

Interview with Burning Stars UploadedEdit

Main article: Interview with Burning Stars in LA (2014)

The New Album Almost DoneEdit

Burning Stars uploaded the interview with ONE OK ROCK at youtube. Taka said that the new album almost done. Taka also said that he want to be a rockstar.

April 4Edit

Ending Story?? & Nothing Helps Live at Club Nokia uploadedEdit uploaded their semi-pro-shot of Ending Story?? and Nothing Helps to their youtube channel. Both reached more than 5000 viewers in 2 days.

Interview with GONG France uploadedEdit

Main article: Interview with GONG France (2013)

GONG France uploaded their interview with ONE OK ROCK in October 2013. A few more days ONE OK ROCK FRANCE released the subbed version in Facebook.

April 5Edit

FOOL COOL ROCK Flyer RevealedEdit

In some theaters across Japan can be found some flyer of the upcoming FOOL COOL ROCK documentary film.

ONE OK ROCK Back to JapanEdit

ONE OK ROCK reported have been seen and back in Japan. Some lucky fans got a chance to take a selfie with Taka in Tokyo. Some fans speculated that they will back to United States or Canada in May. The new album must be done.

April 6Edit

Robert Herrera Want To Make An Acoustic Session With ONE OK ROCKEdit

He tweeted: "what if next time i did another #OneOkRob interview AND an acoustic session with @ONEOKROCK_japan. Is that something youd watch?"

April 7Edit

FOOL COOL ROCK Ticket RevealedEdit

ONE OK ROCK uploaded the ticket design in Facebook and Twitter, also with the FOOL COOL ROCK site have been updated. Ticket and Theater section added.

April 10Edit


ONE OK ROCK doing photo shot and interview with Japanese magazine, FLYING POSTMAN PRESS. They're going to be COVER ISSUE and this magazine will be released on May 20.

ONE OK ROCK to appear on CUT!Edit

ONE OK ROCK will appear and featured on CUT! magazine, talked about their upcoming FOOL COOL ROCK documentary film and will be released May 19.


ONE OK ROCK featured on ROCKIN IN JAPAN May (?) issue and will be released on April 30.

April 11Edit

ONE OK ROCK uploaded the official FOOL COOL ROCK InterviewEdit

ONE OK ROCK uploaded the video of an interview between Hiroyuki Nakano and ONE OK ROCK members in their official Youtube channel. This video have 6 minutes length, but sadly they didn't include English subtitles.

Ollie Magz cover for May issue revealedEdit

Taka and Skrillex become the cover issue of Ollie Magazine.

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