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CROSS×BEATS [*cellphone music game] is too amusing. Headphones are recommended. It’s Tomoya.

Everyone, have you all been well. I’m so sorry for the late update.

If I were to tell you about what we’ve been doing since the year started, we’ve been recording and making songs„ we’ve been spending each day quite fully.

Well well, a few days ago, we came to do lives in LA and NY! It’s our first time to do lives in America and, anyway if I think about it well, it’s the first actual live since the end of year festivals so I was a little anxious but, I enjoyed it with all my heart! It was the best time. Especially in NY, I feel like everyone’s concentration powers were the greatest out of recent times. Before I realized it, it was like it was all over, it was lives that finished in quite the mysterious way.

To everyone that came, thank you so much!

And so, we’re going to continue recording! A bunch of crazy songs are coming to life. Look forward to all of ‘em!

See you, see you!



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