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Happy New Year. Please continue to give us your support this year as well. It’s Tomoya.

Wellll! It’s 2014. Let’s be stoic this year too!

The last end-of-year live has ended safely. I released all of my power. I thought that it all came to a nice end. To everyone that came, thank you so much!

On the 28th, the live in Osaka finished→ The next day, went back home→ Came back on the 30th→ Went to go see Pay money To my Pain’s live→ On the 31st was COUNTDOWN JAPAN 13/14 On the 1st, went back home→ From the 2nd~ class reunions and some other things

… this is the kind of really hectic running around I did but, I spent New Year’s day at ease.

Pay money To my Pain’s live even from within the lives I’ve seen last year, this was the very best of them all. Bands are amazing. The power that bands have is really amazing. During the live, a lot of memories went around in my head, and the tears wouldn’t stop.

2014.01.01 1

When we went around Kyushu together, when we went crazy during the after-party, when we went to the studio together and wrote songs, and more than anything, the fact that I met such a wonderful band called Pay money To my Pain

All of those things are my treasures. Now and forever, they’re a band that I love.

Also also, I went for my first shrine visit of the year. I wonder what kind of year this will turn out to be. I’m looking forward to it!

See you, see you!


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