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Uu„, umumu…… Pheeeew. Suu~. Pheeew. …………Guh!!! Uh„, awah„ uwaaaaaa!!!

"Ah, excuse me, I’d like to go to the bathroom… Please excuse me…

Speaking of the difficulty of

going to the bathroom when you’re sitting at the window seat in the airplane…!! It’s Tomoya.

Everyone it’s been a while, hasn’t it.

It’s been too cold recently. It’s time for me to get my fluffy socks and stomach band out. It’s started! Asia tour! We went to Hong Kong and Korea!

It was so fun!! Thank you so much!

Especially since it was our first time to have a live in Hong Kong, I was really looking forward to what kind of live it would turn out to be. Everyone in the venue was so welcoming and it was totally fun.

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To everyone that came, thank you so much! 

But Hong Kong was so hot, and Korea was so cold… The difference in temperatures was kind of amazing. lol

So, we’ve come to Thailand. Today is our 9th day on this trip. Thailand is a country that I’ve always wanted to visit.

I’m excited. Huhuhu. I love cilantro. I think that I’ll go eat a giant amount of it.

It’s the last spurt for the Asia Tour.

We’ll put all of our spirit into it so wait for us!

See you, see you.


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