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I started a diary. I wonder if I’ll keep up with it. It would be nice if I could. It’s Tomoya.

A soccer team was made and, the other day we met up and kicked around a whole lot.

But it’s no joke how much of your physical strength gets drained up. When I think about how I used to run around almost everyday during my younger days, I realize that my current self has gotten extremely heavy lol

Ball games like baseball, tennis, table tennis, I really love all of them but soccer is something I’m not good at.

If I had to explain the reason, it’s because I’m as slow as it’s rare for the unusual play of a ground ball to happen in baseball. That’s covered with momentum.

Either way, it’s nice to move my body around! It was fun!

Annnnyway I look weak. lol

From tomorrow I’ll be going to a certain place. I’ll update the blog before long! See you, see you!


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