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I removed my wisdom teeth. I didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would, and the swelling isn’t that bad either. It’s Tomoya.

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Well well, it seems that lately we’ve been in the studio everyday. We just played music together, I’ve properly recovered from being out of it because of the New Year’s vacation, I finally feel that the year has begun.

Today I went to MUSE’s live @ Saitama Super Arena, one of my favourite bands.

Well, you see„, They left too much of an impact…!!!! The vocal is too awesome… More like all of them are too awesome… What’s with that groove… What’s with the placement of that snare… It felt too good…

This is„, a live…… of a worldwide top class level……!!

Just at the start of the year, I was able to see an artistic live that I believe could be the very best live of this year, I’ve gotten so much motivation…!!

I even bought their DVD, it looks like I won’t break away from MUSE’s world for a while. Wooooosshaaa let’s do our best this year too.

Well, see ya!


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