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"It’s finally ended, hasn’t it"„
is what I’m earnestly feeling while writing this blog entry now.

We predicted that it would surely become a long, long tour but it was too short that we were suprised!

During this tour, and we said it at every single live house too but, it’s a tour that has an extremely special meaning to us. It really made us think about a lot every single day and, honestly, even now I still haven’t found all of the special meanings within this tour. (dry laugh)
No matter how many times and over we do a live together, we’ll always continue to find a new meaning here and there but, I still feel that it’s not enough. But if I think positively, sometime after this I’ll reach that point and be able to overtake it, I’ll become more stoic so I believe that it’s good.
Well, during yesterday’s finale, I thought there was a pause or something of the sort, but there wasn’t one at all and I felt like “Whoa! We’re continuing!!!”, I guess! (laugh)
That’s why I still haven’t sorted anything out now, I feel that I’m rather floating around.
I wonder what it is, probably some strange lethargy!!
But my mood is still kind of like “it still ain’t over yet” and I’m sort of pushing my body to move?
Hmm ( ̄〜 ̄;) I can’t explain it (laugh)

But during this tour I’m sure that I’ve said an absurd amount of words, but you see, something I can tell everyone is, of course,
“Thank you” and nothing else!
Being put in this situation, we desperately wanted to convey something from the stage but, more than that, we completely received everyone’s feelings, and honestly this time we were saved by all of you„,.

I think that, maybe a lot of different people are thinking a lot of different things when they look at us lately! I don’t dare to say it here though. We understand why those people think and feel those different ways, and we’ll still continue to show you our different sides one by one!

And to those who believe that they helped us, we’ll definitely return that favour!!
This is the only place that we have and, we don’t want to leave it!
That’s why we’ll take whatever comes at us from now on, and even if we’re thrown down, we’ll continue to rock’n’roll.
Even if our appearances may change, our feelings will never do such a thing!!
We’ll make the best album and go out to meet you all again so! Wait for us!

Please continue to give your best regards to ONE OK ROCK!


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