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In the studio.

At last, for that man…

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God has descended. Apparently when a cool guitar solo comes to mind, he becomes like this.
Also it seems like he’s into Evangelion recently.
I’m happy(゜-゜)

But it’s too hot.
It seems like it rained a lot in western Japan.
Hurry up and start, rainy season(゜-゜)

I played baseball today as well but, if I don’t buy a short sleeved undershirt soon, it’s going to get bad(゜-゜)


Reach, Haitei-Tsumo, Peh, Dora 5
Chinitsu, San-Ankoo, Dora 5*

I was happy so I’m writing it down in commemoration(゜-゜)
I was quite lucky.



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